Nova club Mykonos is the newest most exclusive night spot this coming summer season.


A mix of classic sophistication and rugged design, the venue reflects the rawness of the Greek landscape with a colourful twist of all things luxurious.


Nova is presented as a split level formation with an elevated mezzanine bar surrounding three sides of the venue perimeter.


The mezzanine overlooks the bar and main floor area of the club, where we offer fine delicacies from all over the world and welcome clients to enjoy a Cuban cigar and fine liquor in the early hours of the night.


Nova exists within a small 300 person capacity space, this small restricted size aids us to take pleasure in the cosiness and intimacy amongst our guests, leaving those feeling elite and privileged to be welcomed to our venue.


This concept, to combine the contentment of a cigar lounge with the exhilarating drive of club nightlife, the intimate sensuality of live music performances merged with the DJ, not only highlights an inimitable difference from every other venue in Mykonos but also provides a great exclusivity that will elevate Nova club above all else.